Sammi is a lifelong artist with an Associates in Arts degree who started tattooing in January 2010. She tattoos in many different styles, but is known for her Color, Ink Splatter, and Watercolor tattoos. She loves new school, cover-ups, and also enjoys doing custom designs where she can add her own creativity. Her love of bold lines and vibrant colors show in her work. 
Recently she has mentored two aspiring artists - who both completed an apprenticeship, graduated and are flourishing on their own. She has also branched out and has been invited to multiple guest spot locations.
In addition to tattooing Sammi enjoys painting, watercolor,  acrylic, oil, pen & ink, pastels and also glasswork (Fusing & Torchwork). 


Sammi's hours are Tuesday thru Saturday from 12pm - 8pm

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