Larry Brogan is presenting an invaluable opportunity to learn from an accomplished and award winning artist with over 30 years of experience in the industry who has run a busy well established shop for 26 years and has traveled all over the world doing tattoo conventions.
A 45 Page Booklet will be handed out for all seminar attendees.

Tips to include:
  • Marketing Yourself and Your Shop
  • Getting Your Work Published
  • Running a Successful Shop *
  • Apprenticeships  
  • Guest Spots
  • Equipment Troubleshooting Tricks
  • Stencil Making and Application
  • Laying out Large Scale Tattoos
  • Tattoo Conventions and Travel Tips  
  • Dealing with Airports and Foreign Customs
  • Photography Tips
  • Tips for Convention Promoters
  • Creating Art in Other Mediums
  • Dealing with Clients  
  • How to Stay Organized
  • Handy Tools and Gadgets
  • Tattooing Tips
  • And Lots of Other Secrets during Questions and Answers
No Information Held Back!!!                                                                                                                                                                                     

This seminar offers the widest range of knowledge and information available and gives you a ton of helpful tips that can be applied to your tattoo career immediately.
  • Improve your work
  • Build Your Name 
  • Make More Money $$$

Seminar will run approximately 3 hours.
For more info email Larry Brogan at

To pre-register contact Larry at

Some comments from past seminar attendees:
  • Thanks for your incredibly inclusive seminar! I recently opened my own tattoo studio and have been wanting to get involved with conventions. The tips I picked up in your workshop have already helped me run things more efficiently here at my own shop and have given me confidence to attend my first convention. Packaging twenty plus years of mistakes and solutions into a three hour seminar is both generous and impressive. I would recommend your coarse to every tattoo artist! -Megan Jean Morris
  • Larry is a wealth of knowledge, if you are an apprentice or tattooing for ever you will learn something..... I recommend it. - Kelly Gormley
  • I took this seminar and it opened up worlds of knowledge for me!!! - Kerry Lawing
  • Your seminar was amazing...thanks for all the great advice. Soon as I left the room I purchased an eye loupe. Thanks again Larry -Dan Youngblood
  • Very cool seminar this weekend, Larry! I'm reading the booklet, really seems like a great start to an amazing book. I can't say I've found anything like it before.  Thanks again- Christian Bernal
  • This is a seminar for everyone! Larry's knowledge and experience is vast and the fact that he is willing to share or pass it on is an opportunity you should not miss!! Three thumbs up for Larry!! -Carl Blasphemy
  • Larry, been getting a lot of great use from that booklet! Can't wait for the full book to come out. -Andrea Bolz
  • Just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for the great seminar! Learned lots and I'm looking forward to improving my business and tattooing career!  Kim White
  • Thanks for the info in the seminar Larry, I learned a lot and will be using a lot of your tips right away. Thanks again - Kevin Logan
  • If you haven’t taken this, regardless of if you're in tattooing or fine art or aspiring to any mix in between you NEED to take this; so much mind numbing wealth of info Mr. Brogan provides, best $150 spent in my life, and I aint the first to say that about it... DO IT - Adam Dee
  • Thank-you Larry for your in depth seminar, Great to meet you and get a look at the BIZ from your perspective, There is lot's of info to digest and the printed material will really help. Thanx Gordon Sellen
  • Hey Larry it was great meeting you at the NIX and your seminar was super inspiring and I got mad plans to change a lot of stuff in my shop and my travels thanks so much man I’ll keep in touch. Ooo yes this is a badass seminar changed a lot for me it's a MUST take 100% satisfied. -Joshua Lajeunesse
  • Hey Larry, just wanted to thank you again for the seminar! Tons of great tips and helped me out a lot. You really inspired me man. Just thought I’d drop you one and thank you again! -Mike Osadczuk
  • Hey man took your seminar at the Detroit show with Scot Winskye. Awesome I must say. -Chad Sinkhorn
Convention promoters interested in having the 101 Tattoo Tips Seminar at their convention should contact Larry Brogan at